Kirsten Lilli, filmmaker & artist  

development of transmedia concepts

concepts, texts, images, design, art
directing, directing-of-photography, editing, producing, writing, creating for
fiction - documentary - spot - imagefilm - teachingfilm - teaching - film-&video-art - conceptual-art

home (german)
spots &
ordered films
visual & conceptual art
conceptual art for public space



* Kirsten Lillis three Transmedia Universes:
subjects explored by Kirsten Lilli intensely for a long while
within a variety of different transmedia works
including at least one fiction film project each

the cyclic principle

feeling green

works around this subject f.ex.:

* videoart, * constitutional complaint, * installations,
* fiction movie, * campaign,
* therapeutical attendance for self-awareness
with methods of dance/moving therapy & other creative therapy,
* creating of new concepts in the field of the expressive art therapies

* philosophic treatise on comunicating complexity

* Kirsten Lilli in short portrait:
13 minutes of interview by Christopher Griebel on Munich TV


2013 - The year of Citizens?
let us think global & act local
for one world.